by Michael Ho

April Fool -- Make My Day

from the yeah,-I'm-feeling-lucky,-Punk dept

With all the mergers and acquisitions flying around recently, maybe there's something to the guesses that Google is planning something for April Fool's day this year. GMail launched last April 1st, but that doesn't necessarily mean Google has anything planned for this year (other than another cute logo). But Google could have an instant messenger ready to be pulled out of a hat (ie. Hello from Picasa), though that's probably not going to happen since IM doesn't really seem to fit with Google's mission statement of "organizing the world's information." Still, Yahoo's blogging & social networking service is about to launch at the end of March, so it might make sense for Google to take the wind out of those sails with a new product launch. A while back, wild speculation suggested a Google VoIP solution was in the works. With Skype getting some attention, the idea of a VoIP-portal is also getting pinned on Yahoo to complete some kind of SBC-Yahoo and AT&T triumvirate. However, the odds for collaborative software from Google that ties in with GMail might be a better bet for what's on the horizon. Though, Google has been a bit behind with all the hub-bub surrounding RSS (where's Google News via RSS?), so an RSS product could be another April Fool's trick. I could go on and on rattling off a wishlist, but maybe I shouldn't tempt Google's April Fool's day surprise into becoming a cease and desist message from the Googleplex.

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    Gabe, 25 Mar 2005 @ 5:17am

    No Subject Given

    On IM and Google's mission: Even better, their "Philosophy" SPECIFICALLY states they don't "do" chat:

    "Google does not do horoscopes, financial advice or chat."


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  • identicon
    Jared, 25 Mar 2005 @ 7:40am

    Google's April Fools

    It was actually the invitation to apply for a position at their new building site - the moon. And yes, I did apply.

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