by Mike Masnick

Level 3 Sees The Writing On The FCC, Drops Request For Ruling

from the yeah,-that-petition?--you-can-forget-about-that... dept

With many people eagerly awaiting tomorrow's expected ruling on Level 3's petition saying they shouldn't be subject to standard termination charges for VoIP calls that end on traditional phone networks, it appears someone at Level 3 got spooked that the ruling might go against them -- which would open up a big can of worms for VoIP providers. With that in mind, they've withdrawn the petition, claiming that Michael Powell's recent departure put too much pressure on the FCC to make a decision, and they'd rather wait until they were sure the new commissioners would support the petition the new commissioners (who are mostly the same as the old commissioners) had a bit of time to settle in and review the matter more carefully.

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