Legal Issues

by Mike Masnick

Privacy vs. Piracy?

from the debates-debates-debates... dept

The entertainment industry certainly loves to raid ISPs these days. Perhaps it's payback for all those recent court rulings saying that ISPs shouldn't just roll over and hand out private data every time the entertainment industry suspects wrongdoing. Last week, they raided an Australian ISP and a Swedish one. The Swedish one was with the help of authorities (the Australian one wasn't), but it was still organized by the entertainment industry. However, in raiding the ISP and carting away lots of info, some are wondering if the raid violated strict data privacy laws in that country. It certainly raises some interesting questions in the light of all of the many, many data leaks over the past couple of weeks. If your data happens to be stored on the same server as someone who is breaking the law, does that mean your data is open to review from private sources?

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