At Least The Data ID Thieves Have About You Is Wrong

from the small-comfort dept

It's not likely to be very comforting to the 145,000 or so people who had their personal data gift-wrapped and handed to identity thieves by ChoicePoint, but it turns out that many people who have seen their personal files from the company note that they're riddled with errors, including wrong addresses, relatives who don't exist, suggestions of criminal activity in places where they'd never been and (in at least one case) a claim that the person reading the report had actually died thirty years ago. Of course, the best part is that if you ask ChoicePoint how to fix these errors, the answer is "sorry, you can't do that." Apparently, they want to make sure that future identity thieves have access to the same false info too.

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  1. identicon
    Eric B, 15 Apr 2005 @ 12:59am

    Re: Who wants ChoicePoint CEO's home number?

    I just was refused a job at a very large bank last week because of Choicepoints info. I reviewed the info on the report and they have me listed for being convicted of felonies!!! I have never ever been convincted of a felony. They cost me my job offer and I am truely upset and angered by this. I do not know what to do about this since they say they cannot correct these errors. They can create them but cannot fix them? What? Wow!!! I do not know what to do. Can anyone help me? I am just baffled!! Why is this company allowed to keep operating? This is infuriating that they can affect so many peoples lives and think they have no reposibility in it. What is wrong with his picture? Something has to be done!!! If anyone has any suggestions for me please email me. Please help!!!

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