by Mike Masnick

Spammer Banned From Computers And The Internet

from the no-internet-for-you! dept

A Florida judge has put a spammer in jail for a year -- but also banned him from using computers or the internet for six years. He also needs to pay a fine to BellSouth, who was apparently helpful in tracking him down. The specific charges weren't specifically for spamming, but for computer fraud in using others' accounts to spam. While he obviously deserves punishment, completely banning someone from computers and the internet is an interesting idea. With computers and the internet becoming so critical in almost everything people do, that may be a very difficult rule to follow. Most mobile phones are becoming mini-computers. In six years, even more things will basically be mini-computers. Will he not be allowed to use a phone? Or a TV? Or a stereo? It's an issue that's definitely going to come up.

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