by Mike Masnick

Who's To Blame In Cameraphone Recording Of Teacher Outburst?

from the wait-a-second-here... dept

A few months ago some kids in India filmed themselves performing sexual acts with a cameraphone. The video got out and, in response, the government has banned mobile phones from public schools -- which seems to be a complete over reaction to two individuals doing something wrong. The two individuals should be punished for their actions. Instead, everyone else gets punished for having devices that could be misused. However, a new story in the US may be even worse. Picturephoning has a story about an angry teacher being caught on video by a cameraphone and then placed on the web. The teacher is seen screaming at students and then yanks the chair out from one student who refuses to stand up for the national anthem (something that the courts have made clear he doesn't need to stand for). To be honest, the quality of the video is pretty good -- so I wonder if it's really a mobile phone camera, though it certainly could be. However, the real issue is the way the school is handling the situation. First of all, the teacher wasn't disciplined at all. Instead, the students who filmed the incident were suspended for 10 days. On top of that, the school is considering banning all mobile phones just because of this incident. It's still not clear what the students did wrong here. They simply filmed a teacher going overboard -- which seems like the perfect use of mobile phone cameras. They helped these students document a teacher going too far. That's the type of use that should be encouraged. Instead, the exact opposite message is being given to students and teachers. Instead of dealing with the real issues, the school is trying to cover it up. As long as the problems aren't known, then everything must be fine.

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  1. identicon
    mitch, 29 Dec 2006 @ 9:39am


    In my mind it's simple. There is a group of underaged people in a classroom. The responsible adult in charge of the juviniles decided that to verbally assault and use intimidation to teach. On top he physically assaulted the child by removing the chair from under him.

    There is never a time that this type of behaviour is acceptable between an adult and a child especially when that adult is "teaching" the children.

    The children were wrong as well, but they are children and as such need an adult to teach them the right way of doing things. Personally i think that the teacher should be disiplined and the students should be told that the teacher acted inappropriatly.

    Another issue here is the banning of cell phones from schools because they can be used to video tape people is ridiculous, they should be banned from schools because a phone is not needed for learning.

    The big issue of banning people from having camaras in public places is that the governement (here in phila) has placed public camaras on the streets to scare off drug dealers and violant crime. (you can see them for yourselves on girard ave. around 10th street).

    If the government can video tape me in public areas then I reserve the right to video everyone else in public places. When my children go to school I will be sure to pack their lunch with a video recorder lol.

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