by Mike Masnick

Yahoo To Open Up Killed Soldier's Email Account

from the something-of-a-resolution dept

Back in December there was a big controversy over whether or not Yahoo should give a family access to a Yahoo email account used by their son, who had been killed in action in Iraq. The arguments on both sides were persuasive -- from those who thought it was a violation of the soldier's privacy to those who felt that the situation was no different than with a collection of paper letters that would get passed on to next of kin. In this case, however, there was a time limit over the fight, because Yahoo deletes accounts that haven't been used for four months. Today Yahoo is saying that they're not deleting the account and that they're working with the father to reach a "mutually agreeable resolution." Unfortunately, it's not clear at all what that mutually agreeable resolution is -- or whether or not others will ever find out about it, should similar situations occur.

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