Hackers Want To Give You A Heart Attack -- Literally?

from the talk-about-malicious! dept

It seems to be based on no actually information other than a "well, in some certain cases, maybe, it could sorta happen," but here's an article saying that hackers may try to reprogram your pacemaker. A few years back, pacemakers were approved to transmit data wirelessly -- which seems like a good thing. A doctor can more closely monitor how a patient is doing. More recently, studies showed that WiFi doesn't appear to interfere with pacemakers. However, this article still wants you to be very, very afraid. They admit that the data is encrypted, but say there's still some possibility that they could hack into your heart. This might be a situation where someone should step back and ask what's the real likelihood of this happening?

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  1. identicon
    Oliver Wendell Jones, 25 Feb 2005 @ 6:21am

    Re: Jesus Christ

    How many Americans are killed by their cats every year?

    Until one kills you, Dorpus? Not enough...

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