HP Accused Of Expiring Ink Cartridges

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What is it with printer manufacturers and their increasingly sophisticated means of screwing over the customers who buy ink from them? Even going beyond various attempts at using technology to block out competition, printer makers have long been accused of having their printers claim a cartridge is empty when it's still 25% full. However, some consumers are claiming that HP goes a step further, and includes a "must use by" date encoded in the chip in their ink cartridges, meaning that if you don't use the ink by a certain date, no HP printer will let you use it any more. It's not clear if the complaint focuses on the fact that this exists at all, or (more reasonably) that the expiration date isn't given to consumers. HP's defense, of course, will most likely be to point out that older cartridges may clog up, causing damage to the printers. Which may, in fact, be true. However, without telling the buyer that the cartridge expires, they may have opened themselves up to trouble, as many people will assume the cartridges will remain good.

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    Mark, 8 Apr 2014 @ 1:56am

    Re: My Letter to HP President and CEO Mark Hurd

    I agree fully. This is what happens when corporations run wild with no controls. If they can screw the consumer, they will and do. Thanks to this farce of a Supreme Court that through Citizens United allows elections to be bought and thanks to the fact that 72% of all Congressmen become lobbyists to buy whatever is left of our democracy, we have criminals running companies and doing what HP has done.

    I will never buy another HP product again and will spread the word of what they are doing. This is nothing more than restraint of trade and unconscionable! Count me in on any class action lawsuit. This has gotten to the point of absurdity.

    It's bad enough that they put sentinel chips in the cartridges for no reason other than stopping us from refilling them. If we bought it, we have the right to damage it well after the 3 month HP Warrantee. HP is a latter day Big Brother. And worse, they decide when the ink expires? This is nothing more than a scam to suck money out of the consumer's pockets without conscience or regard.

    What needs to happen is that this has to get out en masse and people need to blackball HP. The only thing they understand is feeding the greed. The only way to stop this is to find printer manufacturers that allow for refills and support them while getting the word out about HP's horrendous practice of sucking the consumer's blood. Let them lose market share and you'll see how fast these refill halting chips and these bogus expiration dates go away. HP stands for Hypocritical Pirates.

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