by Mike Masnick

PCs Where The Cheapest Model Starts At $55,000

from the be-sure-to-splurge dept

I guess, if you're the sort of person who doesn't mind splurging on a $20,000 diamond encrusted mobile phone, the concept of a $55,000 computer might not seem so strange either. Of course, phones are considered a fashion item, whereas your desktop computer isn't likely to be seen by many people. Then again, this isn't just a desktop computer. Apparently, the computers that only start at $55,000 on the low end, include their own desks, custom built to fit whatever other over-indulgences you have on display. While the computer is likely to come with fairly high end tech specs from the beginning, like any computer, it's likely to be out of date by the time you plunk down that cool 60 grand or so. Are you expected to "upgrade" every three years like a normal PC as well?

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