by Mike Masnick

Would You Pay $4 A Month To Get Rid Of A Few Sheets Of Paper?

from the didn't-think-so... dept

Why is it that business folks seem to close off their minds to reality when it comes to pricing in the mobile world? There's a big effort going on to make people pay for every bit of content they get on a mobile phone. The carriers are trying to keep the networks closed so that it's possible to do this, but they're forgetting one huge thing: most users aren't stupid. Most users realize that there's this thing called the internet, and they're used to being able to get content on it for free. While it may not always be as convenient as content on a mobile phone, if the cost of the content on the phone drastically outweighs the inconvenience, you can bet that they'll skip the fee-based solution and just stick with what they've got. Thus, the only response in hearing that Mapquest thinks you'll pay $4 a month to stop printing out copies of your maps and directions and just get them on the phone instead, is to laugh. Especially as mobile browsers on phones become more popular and (oh no!) people can just access that good old internet on their phones and get Mapquest for free.

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    CAG, 6 Jan 2005 @ 6:31am

    No Subject Given

    I often look for directions and maps online from a place where I have no printer access. I would not pay a monthly subscription fee to get this stuff on my phone, but I would probably pay a small one-off fee to avoid copying everything over in my crappy handwriting.

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      jim, 6 Jan 2005 @ 9:33am

      paying for map

      nah, the maps are not that useful anyway. I either print the whole thing in advance, or stop and ask directions. still that is free in most places if you don't get mugged.

      by the time I ever have been close to some place I usually go with old fashioned "where is this place" and take directions. (yes I'm male and i stop often and ask directions)

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    jim, 6 Jan 2005 @ 9:32am

    mapquest having "free" maps on mobile phones with

    How long before the sites like mapquest look at the browser or ip or such clue and bounce you out if you are using a mobile phone?

    and tell you it is because the map is too small for the screen and you really need to use the pay for one you can't read either.

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