by Mike Masnick

Mobile Operators Want Yet Another Standard

from the not-enough-yet... dept

How very typical... After all the hype about 3G -- which so far has failed to live up to expectations, and all the impending hype about other wireless broadband technologies such as WiMAX and FLASH-OFDM, it looks like a bunch of mobile operators have decided to toss all that and get to work on a completely new standard for mobile broadband, with the aim of being 10 times as fast as 3G. While it isn't really surprising, this is the type of thing the industry is famous for. They overhype a technology way beyond what it can do, then when people realize it really isn't that impressive, they move on to a new standard that they'll hype up for years. While there are some big players joining up to work on this project, expect it to take quite a long time for anything to actually come of it. By the time this offering reaches a commercial launch, the requirements of users are likely to have changed drastically. The competitive marketplace will also be very different. So, before people go off and declare this new, completely imaginary standard to be the wireless broadband technology of the future, it might make sense to wait a few years and see how far it's really progressed.

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    Derek Kerton (profile), 30 Dec 2004 @ 10:50pm


    Weird story. Could it be that this is just another case of bad translation and late news? Sounds to me like they could be talking about newish HSDPA, which accelerates standard UMTS.

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