Is Verizon's Anti-Spam Plan To Block All Foreign Email?

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Apparently Verizon is fed up with spam hitting their network, and someone has tuned their spam filters to what might be called an "aggressive" level. The problem, for many people, is that there's no option for the end user, who either has to take it, or find a new service provider. The biggest complaint, so far, seems to be that many foreign emails are automatically blocked -- meaning that friends and relatives cannot contact each other, and even some companies have found that co-workers can't email each other. While it's nice to see Verizon trying to do something, this seems like overkill. Any spam system should at least allow users the option of reviewing the blocked mail and designating which ones are legitimate.

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  1. identicon
    Harry Berg, 23 Jan 2005 @ 12:41pm

    Verizon's stupid policy

    We have a very populair e-card site: We had more then 40.000 visitors a day in the christmas - new year timespan. All email to Verizon queued at my mailserver, becuase the stupid block action. We have an anti-spam policy, and never send a mailing, and I had tons of spam from Verizon in the past. Most of the spam comes from US firms using Korea and China ISP's. Verizon should stop with internet activities and go on with their old telephony bizz. Thanks Harry

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