ICANN To Implement Domain Tax?

from the fees-everywhere-you-look... dept

It was just a few days ago that we noted that ICANN had approved two new top level domains, which would really only serve the purpose of bringing more money to ICANN. Now it looks like they're taking a page from the telco world, and are start to institute additional fees to your domains, making them more expensive to own. They're starting with .net, with a $0.75/year fee, but it's expected to expand to other domains as well. This might sound familiar to you, as ICANN tried to add a $1 domain "tax" a few years back, and was reminded that they don't actually have the authority to tax anyone. The thing that's most striking about this is that ICANN is already getting a lot more money this year based on the controversial budget they approved. And, so far, what have they shown for it? Useless TLDs that simply give more money back to ICANN. Of course, this is the same ICANN that fought as hard as possible to keep one of its own board members from viewing its books.

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