Sprint Nextel Official

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Well, considering all of the analysis leading up to a Sprint-Nextel merger there really isn't that much more to say now that the deal is official. The price ($35 billion) is about what people expected, though some point out that it seems high compared to what Cingular paid for the "larger" AT&T Wireless. Of course, Sprint sees much more value in getting Nextel's higher paying customers and its spectrum, so they can justify the higher overall price. The company will also spin off Sprint's landline business -- but, honestly, it seems like everyone wants out of that business, and Sprint had already said that it wasn't enthusiastic about that part of the business a while back. It's likely this deal will clear regulatory hurdles, but, as with Cingular and AT&T Wireless, there are going to be an awful lot of integration issues to deal with. It's looking less likely that Verizon will try to play spoiler, but they may still do something just to make the deal more expensive for Sprint and Nextel. Of course, this may also mean that the Nascar Nextel Cup becomes the Nascar Sprint Cup... which has a whole different meaning.

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