by Mike Masnick

Oracle/PeopleSoft Soap Opera Ends In Marriage

from the starting-off-on-the-wrong-foot dept

It only took 18 months, countless offers (and just as many refusals), a series of lawsuits, enough speculation to bore just about anyone to sleep and even a fired CEO. However, in the end, it appears that Oracle wore down PeopleSoft's board enough that they have finally agreed to the acquisition offer. Of course, getting Oracle to raise the offer one last time, beyond Larry Ellison's "best and final offer" helped close the deal. So, despite Dave Duffield's repeated claims that he didn't come back to the company just to sell it off, he came back to the company... just to sell it off. Expect the Valley to be littered with more PeopleSoft resumes than usual in the next few months. Normally integration of such mergers is a pain, but if Oracle sticks by its original plan of basically killing off PeopleSoft's offering, there really won't be that much to integrate anyway.

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