by Mike Masnick

Why Broadband Providers Should Target Porn Addicts

from the porn-too-slow? dept

Here's a bit of information that you probably did not need to know today. It turns out that the second biggest reason why people say they sign up for broadband access is faster access to porn. This seems very questionable. Perhaps I'm simply underestimating the demand for fast pornography, but even more to the point, it seems odd that so many people would admit that's one of the main reasons they wanted faster internet access. Even stranger, is that the interviews were done face to face, and not anonymously or in written format. How many people would sit face to face with someone and say: "oh yes, I never would have signed up for DSL, but my dialup pictures of naked people were downloading way too slowly." Update: In a related story, Broadband Reports points out that a condom maker is complaining that online porn is decreasing condom sales. Perhaps they should expand into the broadband business.

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  • identicon
    Rajesh, 8 Dec 2004 @ 11:59am

    Fast porn

    Once again the Simpsons saw this one coming
    Dotcom dude: "I developed a program to download porn one million times faster."
    Marge: "Does anyone really need that much porn?"
    Homer: "(salivating noise) Ahhhhhhhh million times faster"

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  • identicon
    Brett, 8 Dec 2004 @ 2:56pm

    No Subject Given

    If someone came knocking on my door and caught me in the wrong mood I might tell them that just to entertain myself.

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  • identicon
    Brian, 8 Dec 2004 @ 3:45pm

    Ha Ha!

    Ok Mike, I don't know if that last part was supposed to be funny, but it was.

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  • identicon
    dorpus, 8 Dec 2004 @ 4:51pm

    Mass Murder via Broadband

    Has anyone played the new free game on yahoo, insaniquarium? The best part, after spending half an hour growing your fish population, is to fill the tank with predators and watch them all starve or get eaten. Mass murder baby!!!!

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    TJ, 8 Dec 2004 @ 7:20pm

    Survey wasn't in the USA

    I would also be surprised if people so freely answered that way in the USA, but the survey was conducted around the UK. While the USA surely isn't less sexual than much of Europe, and porn is a huge business in the USA just in the DVD/VHS/PPV formats, more Americans still seem interested in holding onto a Brady Bunch style pretense that one doesn't actual do such things as enjoy adult entertainment themself. Of course I'd be interested in more detail on the survey than I saw. I'd have thought that always-on convenience or the fact that broadband is approaching the cost of a dial-up ISP plus a second phone line in many places as more important reasons.

    And yes Mike, your closing sentence about a condom company 'expanding' into a porn-happy broadband market was good. It might even turn out to be a huge growth market for them.

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  • identicon
    EvilBean, 27 Aug 2006 @ 7:49pm

    You know

    I wish someone would research a stastistic of how many people or at least what percent of people really do watch porn on the internet.

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