Is The Entertainment Industry Losing Its Political Power?

from the not-a-chance dept

With the failure of the Induce Act to pass, some are wondering if the entertainment industry is losing its power in Congress to push through intellectual property bills that protect their business model. That seems extremely unlikely, however. The Induce Act certainly isn't the first pro-Hollywood bill that got stopped by people making a lot of noise. A few years ago the Berman bill and the Hollings' CBDTA were both terrible pieces of legislation that were clearly written by the entertainment industry -- and failed to pass. However, the proof that it's the entertainment industry that still has the political pull compared to the tech industry is that it's still pro-entertainment bills that are getting introduced, and tech companies have to go on the defensive, rather than the other way around. Of course, what would be best of all, is if both industries realized that working together to innovate and expand the market, they could increase opportunities without having to resort to bad protectionist legislation on either side.

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