Online Porn Dangers: Psychological Or Computorial?

from the everybody-looking-out-for-you dept

Apparently the message of the day is that online porn is bad for you... in so many ways. Some of our Congress critters have determined that online porn addiction is as bad as crack or heroin addiction, minus the fact that, well, porn addictions don't lead to overdose deaths, serious crime problems or dangerous behavior by those on the drugs. But, you know, minus that, they're exactly the same. Besides, if (as one Senator appears to want), online porn were banned, it's not as if these "addicts" would suddenly give up the porn. In fact (whoops) it would probably lead to more "crime" since they'd suddenly be breaking the law to get their fix -- though, one researcher thinks that police need to start recording evidence at crime scenes to see if porn was somehow involved. According to the Senator in question, Sam Brownback, porn was just fine when you had to sneak a peek in a dirty magazine as a kid, because, apparently, making porn seem more obscure and mysterious doesn't make children even more interested in it at all... Meanwhile, a much more realistic problem with online porn may be that most of those porn sites are busy installing spyware and trojans on your computer while you stare at naked folks. Just wait until the Congressional folks get a hold of that study.

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  1. identicon
    Growler, 26 Mar 2008 @ 2:18am

    Sure porn's addictive, but that's only because most of it's shite and you keep searching for that one scene you know is out there... you know the one...

    I have a compulsion to look at (and hoard) porn but I feel no withdrawals when I don't get it. I just think of all the new porn accumulating on my favourite sites and smile. I think if you're experiencing marriage breakup or career implosion due to anything, then you are by definition addicted and need to seek help. I'd say the best way would be to get rid of a net connection entirely. Your facebook friends might get shirty but you won't get dirty.

    That said, I think porn's great. I really do. Many ancient 'fertility goddess' figurines were actually caveman porn. Look at the norks on that etc. But everything in moderation, or even to excess - but if you have withdrawals or have negative impacts then you need to find something new to do. It's true of everything and anything.

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