Solution To Phishing: Ignore All Requests For Info

from the email's-dead-for-info-requests dept

As people are trying to come up with a "solution" to the phishing problem, it appears some people have come up with a perfectly workable solution: don't respond to any email asking for personal info, no matter how legitimate it looks. Part of the problem is that the phishing scams are very, very realistic looking. However, a bigger part of the problem is that banks and other companies don't take the threat seriously. Thus, they end up sending out mail that looks just like the mail phishers send. Because they still send out emails like this, they're effectively killing email as a channel of reasonable communication about account info. People are simply going to default to ignoring everything, just in case it's a scam.

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    jim, 19 Nov 2004 @ 7:26pm

    Re: There is a solution

    I hear what you are saying. I think you overlook that you and I as obviously more serious computer users, or at least serious enough to come back to this thread in a timely fashion, tend to look at email and probably interesting web sites quickly. probably 50 % of those I help and mentor won't go to their email any faster than a bank web site, so the medium as you say is not the problem. People may evolve, but I say that they can go to the web sites with security better than they can rely on crap drifting into their inboxes, like the current email system.

    If you have to go to a web site, now you can get a secure connection that you initiate, and therefore can trust.

    I will resist for a long time anything that comes to my email inbox and I have to wave a wand over to verify.

    A system to do what you wish to have people do, and what I do by hand now, is not yet invented or thought of, or there would be another internet millionair out there now.

    Looks like sendmail and yahoo are doing something, but I have not looked at it.

    I reject having a commercial entity, or to any of these pay to send schemes in my email system. We'll end up with the same crap we have with ATM's debit cards, and no security there, and it still will cost $$.


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