Solution To Phishing: Ignore All Requests For Info

from the email's-dead-for-info-requests dept

As people are trying to come up with a "solution" to the phishing problem, it appears some people have come up with a perfectly workable solution: don't respond to any email asking for personal info, no matter how legitimate it looks. Part of the problem is that the phishing scams are very, very realistic looking. However, a bigger part of the problem is that banks and other companies don't take the threat seriously. Thus, they end up sending out mail that looks just like the mail phishers send. Because they still send out emails like this, they're effectively killing email as a channel of reasonable communication about account info. People are simply going to default to ignoring everything, just in case it's a scam.

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  1. identicon
    jim, 17 Nov 2004 @ 3:38pm

    Re: There is a solution

    I don't think I need someone other than going to the bank's web site and communicating with them there. I would object stongly to some third party getting involved.

    The only question I see is why does the bank need to send me an ordinary email telling me to look at the web site when I am perfectly capable of going there when I wish w/o that.

    As I said earlier if they want us to go to their portals or web sites, or programs that do direct banking, don't send a link integrated right into the thing to go to that site. And explain that no email will ever point to the portal, ever, you have to figure your own way out to get there.
    Then the phishing guys are out of business if someone is directed to a site that solicits their personal info.

    your solution would still solve nothing if an innocent was directed to go check their capango account and were scammed out of the necessary info that way. still screwed.

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