by Mike Masnick

Safe Sex By Text?

from the hv-u-gt-ur-cndm? dept

Teaching kids about safe sex certainly seems like an admirable goal -- but, is sending them text messages with safe sex tips really the best way to accomplish this goal? It sounds like someone just said "hmm, kids use text messaging... so let's send them text messages!" However, think about it from the kids' side. First off, who is going to sign up for such a thing on their own? If someone wants to know about safe sex, is their first thought going to be to sign up for a text messaging service that will send them random tips? How does the service time the tips? Is it on request -- as in, will bumbling teens be sending in text messages from the back of their parents cars asking for help? Or will kids get randomly timed messages telling them completely out of context information? Generally, safe sex education doesn't seem like the type of info that works well in a "tips" format -- but rather in a more comprehensive program.

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