Holding Actual Funerals For Dead Code

from the might-as-well-do-something-with-it dept

People have plenty of different traditions when it comes to getting rid of old software code. Some open source it. Some let it whither and fade away into obscurity. But that doesn't have enough closure for some. Apparently, the techies at Lexis-Nexis like to hold complete funerals for dead code. They literally print out the source code on paper... and bury it. Now that this info is public, any bets on how long it takes someone to sneak on by to try to dig up the old (almost certainly useless) code?

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  • identicon
    Anonymous coward, 3 Nov 2004 @ 10:56am

    Treasure hunts anyone?

    I can picture it now...

    2050 A.D. Find where the Windows XP source code has been buried and win $50 000 000!

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