by Mike Masnick

TheGlobe Folks Up To Old Hype Tricks... This Time With VoIP

from the wonderful dept

Last year, we joked about the VoIP bubble, noting that TheGlobe -- one of the more disgraced names of the dot com era for selling nothing but hype and getting the largest one day IPO bump at the time -- had changed their name to VoiceGlo and was hyping themselves up to ridiculous levels (such as being the "first" provider with an obviously "me too" product). Even reporters at the time noted that the founder had an "innate desire to embellish." Well, it looks like they're continuing their old tricks. There was an announcement earlier this week, suggesting VoiceGlo had a ton of users, but VoIP Watcher Andy Abramson has gone through the numbers showing how VoiceGlo is purposely misleading people about how many users they really have compared to Skype (and how a CNET reporter fell for it). VoiceGlo is just promoting how many people downloaded the product, and that came after a promotion where they were giving away a car to some people who downloaded it. It's not talking about how many people are actually using the product. VoIP bubble indeed.

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    Gus, 23 Oct 2004 @ 4:58pm


    Actually, voiceglo is owned by The Globe, it isn't the new name.

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    Andy Abramson, 31 Oct 2004 @ 6:08am



    Thanks for the credit on the VoiceGlo post. I'm just catching up after my month on the road and then the VON conference. I know I'm not on VoiceGlo's favorites list, but your pick up of the post only goes to further the truth being told.

    Thanks again,


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