by Mike Masnick

Spyware On The Decline?

from the it's-just-resting... dept

A new report suggests that spyware and adware may be on the decline. The study shows that, while the cases of adware and spyware grew rapidly in the first half of the year, it's been much slower since then, and even showed a slight decline in the third quarter. It seems likely, though, that this is a temporary decline. Companies have finally realized that adware and spyware were serious problems causing serious problems and so they started fighting back for the first time. While that's helped slow down the rise of the simplest forms of spyware and adware, it just means that the creators are likely to be regrouping and coming up with even more insidious ways of attacking computers.

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    TJ, 5 Oct 2004 @ 5:22pm


    Sorry, but I call BULLSH*T. The number of people asking me for help cleaning spyware problems has been higher than ever in the last few months. The recommended fixes remain the same though: Apply vendor security patches, and use a non-MS browser such as Firefox except for the occasional necessary site that requires IE. Oh, and don't click on highly uspicious shit of course.

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