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by Mike Masnick

SpaceShipOne Gets The X-Prize

from the congrats dept

Congratulations to the SpaceShipOne crew for winning the $10 million X-Prize, after completing a second successful flight into space this morning. The rocket plane apparently made it well above the necessary 328,000 foot level to claim the prize. Consider the privately funded space program doors officially open.

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  1. identicon
    dorpus, 4 Oct 2004 @ 10:13am

    Hospitals in space

    - If cheap space travel becomes available to the masses, will there be outsourced hospitals in space staffed by third world doctors?

    - If cheap air cargo via mega-blimps becomes a reality, won't it be possible to outsource construction work to low-wage countries? Build bridges, buildings in Pakistan and send them over by air mail.

    - Will spammers in spaceships broadcast satellite signals to every living room on Earth?

    - Will recreational boaters in space dump a can full of nuts and bolts into the atmosphere, making the sky light up and causing severe electromagnetic interference?

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