by Mike Masnick

Earthlink Launches Standards-Based P2P Network?

from the who-would-have-expected-that... dept

While ISPs were perhaps the one entity that benefited the most from file sharing, recently they've been very hostile to the concept -- mostly due to being inundated with take down letters from the entertainment industry. However, Earthlink seems to have figured out that the more people using the internet to do more, the better off they'll be and has released their own "proof-of-concept" SIP-based file sharing network called SIPShare. To back this up, they say: "An open Internet means users have full end-to-end connectivity to say to each other whatever it is they say, be that voice, video, or other data exchanges, without the help of mediating servers in the middle whenever possible. We believe that if peer-to-peer flourishes, the Internet flourishes." Good thing they released this before the INDUCE Act becomes law, or Earthlink might be in trouble.

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