by Mike Masnick

Who Needs Art When You Have Photoshop Filters?

from the easy-as-1-2-click dept

Roland Piquepaille writes "Computer scientists from the University of Bath have written a software which transforms your ordinary photographs and movies into cubist works of art and animation reminiscent of Picasso. They trained their software to identify important elements of a face, such as a nose, eye or mouth, until the computer learned how to recognize them on its own. This was achieved by giving the software a kind of 'aesthetic sense.' Then, by "using photographs of a subject taken from multiple points of view, the software automatically picks out important areas within the image, which are cut out as chunks. The chunks are statistically shuffled and a few of them randomly selected and distorted into a 'cubist' composition ready for digital painting." The software is not yet publicly available, but software and animation companies have expressed interest. My blog contains additional references and images."

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