by Mike Masnick

When Best Buy Is Not Your Best Buy

from the false-advertising? dept

It turns out that Best Buy may not, in fact, really be your best buy... The State of Ohio is suing the retailer for "unfair and deceptive business practices" including packaging refurbished items as new, and failing to honor rebates or those warranties they push so hard to sell you.

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  1. identicon
    Glenn, 24 Aug 2004 @ 7:29am

    My experience has been good

    I did get the Sprint rebates on my wireless service 5 years ago when I first signed up. And I am possibly the only person I know that has made money off their warranties. In one case, I bought a three year warranty on my Sprint phone. It broke twice, the first time the store just swapped it out for an identical phone. The second time, they no longer carried my phone, so I upgraded to a newer phone which had a lower price, and got a gift card for the $75 difference. Meanwhile the 3 year warranty only cost me $60.

    I also bought a two year warranty on my PS2. It broke toward the end of the two years. But I had purchased it for $299. When it broke, they were selling for $199 and came with a network adapter and game. So I again got a gift card for the difference.

    I'm sure these are fairly unique positive experiences, but I'm all for the warranties!

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