by Mike Masnick

When Best Buy Is Not Your Best Buy

from the false-advertising? dept

It turns out that Best Buy may not, in fact, really be your best buy... The State of Ohio is suing the retailer for "unfair and deceptive business practices" including packaging refurbished items as new, and failing to honor rebates or those warranties they push so hard to sell you.

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  1. identicon
    jason wiles, 15 Nov 2007 @ 7:46pm

    This is insane

    I love how everybody TALKS about customer service this crazy!!! Most of your posts are retarded you bought an item and it broke after 8 months and you want best buy to what? Exchange! hum that sounds like good business practice? If you dont buy the PSP then you service it under mfg warranty so get off your lazy ass and call emachines or whoever and get an RMA(return merchandise authorization) from the mfg and box it up and send it to them to repair. JESUS i would hate see if any of you people where on CRACK what the hell would your helpless asses do go back to the drug dealer tell him that rock he sold you last year that you dropped it or when you got home it wasn't in the bag and that he should refund you use common sense what the hell are buying something for to just put it in a closet for a year hum once again maybe not a good personal financial standpoint. And by the way our psp's are way better than anybody elses we actually service in the store what we sell when you buy an extended warranty at most places you still have to get a rma and mail the damn thing. how easy do you want it the mcdonalds and fast food joints in your area must really be hurting uh? ever wonder how much best buy loses in a year servicing you guys? try nearly 20 million uh if all we cared about was profit hell dont you think we would quit selling the damn things they surely arent profitible. BUT NOOOO! best buy just has it out for you.. some people dont even know how to work products hence the production of the geeks squad to perform in home service and trainings. here is a fun fact 47% of all wireless routers we sell are returned or exchanged of that 47% only 1% is truly defective but no!!! spending a little extra to get it installed is just blastmophy. All i am saying is why dont you try running your bussiness by letting someone return something they bought 10yrs ago without any type of psp or warranty and see how long you stay in business.

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