The First Rule Of The Olympics: You Can't Talk About The Olympics

from the stupid-stupid-marketing-policies dept

We've already talked about how the Olympics forced certain radio stations to pull their internet streams because they weren't approved for internet broadcasts of the Olympics, and now comes the news that no athletes participating in the games are allowed to talk about their experiences on websites. Considering the number of empty seats (and the weak television coverage), giving the games a more personal feel, letting the athletes talk for themselves (rather than those sappy profiles on TV) would help people to connect more with the games. That, though, would involve remembering that the games are actually about what happens in the events, and not how much the Olympics can squeeze out of sponsors. Haven't they figured out yet, that if no one cares about the games, no one will want to sponsor the Olympics any more? As for those who dare to disobey and actually talk about their experiences online? The Olympics are threatening to remove their credentials or possibly "take legal action for any monetary damages." Monetary damages? From posting your thoughts on the games? Seems pretty clear just how focused the Olympic organizers are on money instead of the athletes and the contests.

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  1. identicon
    Programmer #A-5, 30 Jul 2008 @ 6:40am

    My Generation doesn't even know what the Olympics are!

    Talk to kids today. No suburban white kids most likely to get charged with false rape charges by a Carolina DA, but they who will be the majority trash citizens within the next five to ten years. Talk to their parents who were born between 1968 and 1990. They don't care, know, or recall the Olympics anymore. They don't care. I know I don't. I mean, doesn't that damned Olympic theme song sound like a Soviet march in May? All those horns blaring and screaming and such? Also, who's watching NBC? Their cable networks, sans USA, averages 400 viewers during prime time on weekdays, and NBC itself isn't looking too good. I doubt NBC would dare promote the Olympics during WWE Raw because Vince McMahon would burn them down for clogging his airtime with something he doesn't benefit from. So who really cares about the Olympics? Some yuppy-scum holdovers from the 1980s? Baby boomers? Warkids from the 1940s? Get back to the way ABC covered the Olympics, and maybe you'll get the new generations talking about it again. Also, refer back to my opening statement of this post about who is the majority of the nation and who really knows/cares about the Olympics anymore.

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