by Mike Masnick


from the ugh dept

The idiotification of the blog world continues. As advertisers and PR people continue to prey on bloggers, a new service has launched that claims it will connect bloggers and advertisers, by paying bloggers to write about the products the advertises want to advertise. Any journalist would immediately cringe at the conflict of interest, but the service claims that no credibility is lost because the blogger can say whatever they want. Right... As soon as you find out they're being paid to talk about something by the company selling that something, no matter how "free" they are to state their opinion, their credibility goes right out the window.

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    Gary Potter, 19 Aug 2004 @ 12:43pm

    Getting Paid for an Opinion

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    Russell Buckley, 20 Aug 2004 @ 12:10am


    I'm as sceptical as the next blogger about this. But surely we can keep an open mind until we know more details?
    Most forms of journalism (traditonal and blogging) have a potential conflict of interest inherent to the writing - it's just normally called advertising or sponsorship.
    If the blogger declares that the post is being sponsored and providing the readers trust their integrity, is it such a problem?
    A fine line, I agree, but it might just be managable. And far preferable to being pitched at by silly PR's about totally irrelevant products to the blog - in the interest of balance, yes, there are some great ones too :-)
    Let's give it a chance, I say.

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      not vc, 20 Aug 2004 @ 4:45am

      Re: Blogvertorials

      This is a very interesting article i am reading with my pc that is running microsoft windows - a fine peice of machinery. I think that a lot of folks will be interested in this concept, hmmm, let me ponder that while i take a cool refreshing sip from my ice cold pepsi - one calorie. Yes indeed, very interesting, but I must run out to my totally reliable and prestiguous ford towncar, to pick up my oh so cute children from the a plus rated happy valley school. that reminds me! I need to stop at walmart for my low priced cialis drug prescription. hay fever season is upon us.

      trust me, you can trust journalists. please send my 2 cents.

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    Jeremiah, 23 Aug 2004 @ 1:35pm

    No Subject Given

    I'm not so sure I can leap to such a conclusion so quickly. I'm not completely convinced that companies are seeking people shilling their souls, but more that they're indicating a willingness to compensate brand-loyal consumers for making public testimonials & reviews on their blogs.

    Mike, can you think of any brand, product or service that's done you well enough that it would deserve a public mention on your website? Do you feel that being paid as well is detrimental to the genuiness of your opinion?

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