Direct Hacking Down, Virus Problems; Wireless Network Misuse Up

The latest study on computer crime and security shows that, for the first time in a while, direct attacks on corporate information systems are on the decline -- from both inside and outside the company. In fact, it appears there was a significant decline in insider's attacking corporate systems. Of course, that's because they're all abusing the WiFi (according to some un-explained claims in the article). It's not at all clear how an insider in the company is likely to be "abusing" a wireless network set up by the company, but the report suggests it's an "emerging threat" and high-cost. Meanwhile, the biggest issue for most companies remains virus attacks and the fact that whatever anti-virus software they're using doesn't seem to work. At all. That, plus the fact that they can't convince their employees not to click on random attachments. Well, in that case, at least we know it's the executives themselves who are screwing up.

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