by Mike Masnick

Hotspots Will Die When The Media Lets Them?

Maybe it's something in the way this was written up, but the UK's PC Magazine seems to be implying that Gartner's latest prediction about the success of WiFi hotspots is that they'll die out after the press stops paying attention to them. Who knew that the only reason hotspots existed was because the press told us they were there? Chances are the real prediction is a bit more mundane, along the lines of what just about everyone has pointed out from the beginning of the hotspot business: selling WiFi as a hotspot is not much of a business model, but WiFi is going to continue to exist, and will continue to cover a larger area. It just won't involve having to pay a random monthly fee to an aggregator who does nothing else for you so you can use a hotspot twice a month when the opportunity presents itself.

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