by Mike Masnick

Michael Powell Wants To Bring Back Line Sharing

from the AT&T-give-you-a-scare? dept

It appears that AT&T's move to stop offering phone service may have made the FCC blink in the stare down over line sharing. Michael Powell is apparently now pushing an idea that would bring back line sharing rules in order to help foster competition. Of course, the Baby Bells who benefit from a lack of line sharing will cry foul. It appears they may have some FCC commissioners on their side as well, as the initial response was that the FCC can't simply bring back line sharing, but need to crank up the big bureaucratic machine again.

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    Anonymous Coward, 4 Aug 2004 @ 5:17pm

    some things should be nationalized

    There are a few industries that should be nationalized.

    Electricity, telecommunications, airlines.

    I'm not talking about nationalization *only*, but nationalization as the basic provider-- the govt should be able to provide anyone with basic telephone services at a reasonable price-- other companies can offer more if they want to.

    Nationalized power grid would mean that stuff like what happened with Enron wouldn't happen.

    Nationalized airlines means that when one of the private airlines is in financial trouble (always) they will simply go out of business instead of receiving billions in corporate welfare (which probably goes into the Exectutives pockets.

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