by Mike Masnick

More VoIP2P Offerings

from the VNO-heaven dept

Not quite sure what the connection is between using file sharing software and wanting some sort of VoIP connection, but following on the announcement back in February that Streamcast was teaming up with i2 Telecom to offer a Morpheus branded VoIP system, comes the news that eDonkey will offer a similar VoIP system, operated by VoiceGlo (amusing aside: VoiceGlo, the company that is running the system for eDonkey seems to now be hiding the fact they once were dot com insanity poster child TheGlobe.com). It's not at all clear why users of any particular file sharing app need their very own phone system, but it does (once again) highlight just how simple it's becoming to turn any company into a phone company. With any number of VoIP players out there willing to be the backend, it looks like it's quite easy to become a virtual VoIP network operator. There are, of course, already a large number of fully branded VoIP providers out there, but how long will it be before the big brands get into the game themselves? Would you get your telephone service from McDonald's or Pepsi? Either one could just as easily set themselves up as a phone company if they wanted. Meanwhile, Skype is working to make them all completely irrelevant anyway by finally launching their ultra-cheap Skype Out offering that will let people call traditional phone lines from their computer or PDA at rates that must make traditional telcos weep.

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  • identicon
    dorpus, 27 Jul 2004 @ 12:59am

    What if phone service gets worse?

    What if the newer VoIP technologies, all with their proprietary software, collectively help to bankrupt traditional phone services, but then fail to:

    1. Provide reliable 911 service

    2. Work when the power goes out -- this is a frequent occurence in parts of the country prone to thunder storms.

    3. Have poor or inaudible voice quality during spikes in internet traffic, such as during virus attacks or major world events?

    4. The players get greedy and refuse to be compatible with each other?

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