More Stupid Copy Protection That Does Nothing But Piss Off Legitimate Users

from the why-oh-why-do-companies-think-this-is-necessary? dept

This certainly isn't a new or unique story, but Broadband Reports has yet another story about ridiculous and pointless copy protection. The copy protection scheme, called Starforce, appears to be mainly used for protecting certain PC games from being copied. Of course, like so many copy protection schemes it does this by assuming all legitimate customers are criminals. Not only that, but it installs itself without letting you know (not even in the EULA), hides itself on your PC, slows down the PC, causes all sorts of other problems and errors, and is nearly impossible to remove -- even after the protected application has been removed. In other words, it's just as bad as some adware/spyware out there -- except that it's screwing things up for legitimate customers who actually went out and bought the games in question. As the article points out, every one of those games is available in a cracked version online, so this "copy protection" scheme doesn't actually prevent copies. It only serves to anger legitimate customers. Why is anyone using this product on their software?

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  1. identicon
    froger, 28 Jul 2004 @ 6:46am

    Re: Devil's Advocate

    this is just like back in the 80's when eveyone used to borrow their friends music tapes and record them on their highspeed tape copiers

    its just a fact of life and is nature of the beast.

    software companies dont lose this money because they never had it to begin with.

    and lets not forget the the success/popularity of some of these games can sometimes also be attributed to the piracy (where certain groups/warez sites etc) promote how good a game is make maps and characters and then people go out and buy the game to play it online as well

    and finally, tinkering with a users system, and installing items that the user is unaware of is underhanded. when they remove starforce and their system crashes will the game company pay for the costs/time to recover any data lost and to reformat that persons computer?

    if the answer is no then they should not be distibuting it as part of their "protection"

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