More Stupid Copy Protection That Does Nothing But Piss Off Legitimate Users

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This certainly isn't a new or unique story, but Broadband Reports has yet another story about ridiculous and pointless copy protection. The copy protection scheme, called Starforce, appears to be mainly used for protecting certain PC games from being copied. Of course, like so many copy protection schemes it does this by assuming all legitimate customers are criminals. Not only that, but it installs itself without letting you know (not even in the EULA), hides itself on your PC, slows down the PC, causes all sorts of other problems and errors, and is nearly impossible to remove -- even after the protected application has been removed. In other words, it's just as bad as some adware/spyware out there -- except that it's screwing things up for legitimate customers who actually went out and bought the games in question. As the article points out, every one of those games is available in a cracked version online, so this "copy protection" scheme doesn't actually prevent copies. It only serves to anger legitimate customers. Why is anyone using this product on their software?

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  1. identicon
    Griffon, 12 Jul 2004 @ 5:11pm

    List of games

    From their forum, a list of games that are a catalyst for the infection

    "List of games

    AceSaga N/A ? N/A StarForce

    American Conquest N/A CDV Software Russia StarForce 3

    Anito: Defend A Land Enraged N/A Anino Entertainment Asia StarForce 1
    Anstoss 4 N/A ? Germany StarForce 3

    Army Men N/A 3DO Russia StarForce

    Bandits: Phoenix Rising N/A Tri Synergy N/A StarForce

    Breed 1.0 CDV US StarForce

    Breed N/A CDV France StarForce

    Broken Sword 3: The Sleeping Dragon N/A

    Revolution US StarForce

    Chrome N/A Strategy First Russia StarForce 3

    Codename: Outbreak N/A Virgin Interactive Russia StarForce 1

    Cossacks: Back To War N/A CDV Software Russia StarForce 1

    Cossacks: European Wars N/A GSC Russia StarForce 3

    Curse: The Eye of Isis N/A Dreamcatcher Interactive N/A StarForce 3

    Cycling Manager 3 N/A GMX Media N/A StarForce 3

    Dead to Rights N/A Hip Interactive N/A StarForce 3

    Demonic Speedway N/A ? Poland StarForce 3

    Desert Rats vs. Afrika Corps 1.0 Monte Cristo France StarForce

    DTM Race Driver 2 N/A Codemasters N/A StarForce

    Emergency Fire Response N/A Dreamcatcher Interactive N/A StarForce 3

    Enigma: Rising Tide N/A Tesseraction Games N/A StarForce 3

    Etherlords N/A Fishtank Interactive Russia StarForce 1

    Etherlords II N/A Strategy First N/A StarForce

    Fire Chief N/A Strategy First N/A StarForce 3

    Fire Department N/A Monte Cristo N/A StarForce 3

    Gangland N/A Whiptail Interactive N/A StarForce

    Heroes of Might & Magic IV: The Gathering Storm N/A 3DO Russia StarForce

    Horse Race Manager N/A Cyanide N/A StarForce 3

    Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter N/A Interplay UK StarForce 3

    IL-2 Sturmovik N/A Ubi Soft Russia StarForce 1

    Kicker Manager 2004 N/A Deep Silver N/A StarForce

    Kill Switch 1.0 Namco France StarForce

    Korea: Forgotten Conflict N/A CENEGA N/A StarForce 3

    Magna Carta N/A Korea N/A StarForce 1

    Magnamedia N/A Russia N/A StarForce 3

    Mercedes-Benz World Racing N/A TDK Mediactive Spain StarForce 3

    Might & Magic IX: Writ of Fate N/A 3DO Russia StarForce

    Narsillion N/A ? Russia StarForce 1

    Obscure N/A Hydravision Entertainment N/A StarForce

    Pax Romana N/A Dreamcatcher Interactive N/A StarForce 3

    Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time N/A Ubisoft Russia StarForce 3

    Pro Rugby Manager N/A Digital Jesters N/A StarForce

    Rally Championship Xtreme N/A Warthog Entertainment Software N/A StarForce

    Rendezvous 3 N/A ? Russia StarForce

    Restaurant Empire N/A Enlight Software N/A StarForce

    Revolution N/A Activision Value Publishing N/A StarForce

    Runaway: A Road Adventure N/A Tri Synergy N/A StarForce 3

    Seventh Seal: The Resurrection of the Dark Lord N/A ? Asia StarForce 2

    Shtyrlits 3: USSR Agent N/A ? Russia StarForce 1

    Siege of Avalon N/A Digital Tome Russia StarForce 1

    Silent Storm N/A Nival N/A StarForce 3

    Silkolene Honda Motocross GP N/A Midas Interactive Entertainment N/A StarForce 3

    Sniper N/A ? N/A StarForce 3

    Soldiers: Heroes of World War II 1.05.1 Codemasters N/A StarForce

    Tennis Masters Series: Battleground of Champions N/A Microids Asia StarForce

    Tennis Masters Series: Battleground of Champions 1.1 Microids Czech StarForce 3

    The Heroes of Three Kingdoms N/A N/A Asia StarForce

    The I Of The Dragon N/A Primal Software Russia StarForce 3

    The Westerner N/A Focus Home Interactive France StarForce

    TOCA Race Driver 2 1.0 Codemasters N/A StarForce

    TOCA Race Driver 2 1.1 Codemasters N/A StarForce

    TOCA Race Driver 2 1.2 Codemasters N/A StarForce

    Track Mania N/A Nadeo N/A StarForce

    Trackmania N/A Nadeo N/A StarForce 3

    UFO: Aftermath 1.00 CENEGA Spain StarForce 3

    V8 Supercars 2 N/A Codemasters Australia StarForce

    Wildlife Park N/A Encore, Inc N/A StarForce 3

    World War II: Frontline Command Strategy First N/A StarForce

    World War II: Frontline Command N/A Strategy First N/A StarForce 3

    X2: The Threat N/A Enlight Software N/A StarForce

    Xuan-Yuan Sword 4 N/A ? ASIA StarForce 2

    Also they apparently include this protection with the demos of some of these games ???

    Why ?

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