by Mike Masnick

Speakeasy Going Naked With Their DSL -- Who Needs A Phone Company?

from the voice-lines?--what's-that? dept

Speakeasy, continuing to cement their reputation as the customer-friendly broadband service provider, is apparently getting ready to announce a nationwide "naked DSL" offering that won't require a local phone line. It won't be cheap, but that seems to be the price of having a DSL provider that really tries to give customers what they want. In this case, that's the ability to have DSL without a local phone line. The company reports that many of their subscribers use mobile phones instead, and only have a local phone line so they can get DSL. Also, with an increasing number of people replacing landlines with VoIP, there's simply less need for a true local phone line. However, as the Broadband Reports article points out, this may necessitate a truck roll for installation, making it a bit more cumbersome and costly. It's still surprising that other broadband providers haven't started targeting the same audience. Speakeasy has shown that they've been able to get plenty of business, while charging something of a premium to let customers do what they want with the connection, including running servers or sharing their connection via WiFi.

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    CMcMahon, 1 Jul 2004 @ 6:39pm

    Naked DSL

    Cincinnati Bell will sell you DSL without the need for a phoneline (and they're the phone company for pete's sake), they've done it for at least 2 years when my friend dropped his landline i favor of mobil but kept his DSL.

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  • identicon
    Oliver Wendell Jones, 2 Jul 2004 @ 8:04am

    Completely Off-Topic

    Can you imagine the scene where someone is applying for credit and asks for occupation to which the person responds "I'm a naked DSL installation technician"... What's that poor person going to think?

    I remember the guy that did my DSL installation a long time ago... I really don't want to picture him naked...

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