MPAA Gets New Top Paid Shill

from the more-of-the-same dept

Well, it's not surprising (and it might barely be worth noting), but the MPAA has officially named Dan Glickman to replace Jack Valenti as their new top paid shill. Glickman, of course, says his number one goal is to "fight piracy," rather than, say, figuring out a way to embrace new technologies to help increase the movie industry's market. Not that something like that would ever happen. While the news reports note the fact that Glickman, the former USDA secretary, is a politician more than a Hollywood insider, that's not really that newsworthy. His job is to lobby, so of course they want a political insider. Besides, he isn't completely unknown in Hollywood. In the past he's lobbied for Disney and his son is a successful movie producer. Either way, it is, as everyone expected, more of the same.

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