The Return Of Letter Writing (Yes, The Paper Kind)

from the so-much-for-the-paperless-office dept

Yes, we all know that the paperless office is a joke. All those digital technologies created a lot more paper, because it was so easy to create and print documents. Still, communications have gone electric. Email is obviously the favored method for most people to communicate (with some people still stuck to the telephone). However, some are taking a step back. Realizing that all that (legitimate and spam) email has become overwhelming, a small, but growing, number of businesses appear to be returning to their letter writing past. They find that actually writing out letters gets them attention from executives who otherwise might ignore random emails. It's not as fast, and it's not as efficient, but it certainly sounds effective. We're not talking about direct mail, mass-marketing, but personalized letters designed to get attention. The article doesn't say so, but I would imagine this strategy may even work for job seekers as well. While, for years, HR people tried to get everyone to submit their resumes electronically, that's now resulted in resume spam inundated recruiters. I would bet that, especially with smaller companies, a paper resume would get more attention these days.

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  1. identicon
    Justin Walters, 1 Jul 2004 @ 10:24pm

    spam analogies

    Did anybody else immediately think of the spam war when they read this post? One of the proposed weapons (and heatedly debated at that) is that of adding a "cost" to each message in CPU cycles. Some kind of encryption that would be negligible for even the most avid emailer, but unbearable for spammers. This seems like a synonymous real-world solution. We have to add some useless CPU cycles to our letters, to show the recipient that we consider them special.
    I do intend to write some job inquiry letters by hand, when I resume the search in the future, as a result of this post. Thanks!

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