by Mike Masnick

Wireless Security On The Hardware Side

from the fixing-it-up dept

While there have been a number of recent stories about WiFi security offered as a service, it looks like the hardware folks are getting back into the game. Infoworld is taking a look at two different new hardware-based methods to secure your WiFi surfing. One is the encrypted USB keychain from Red Cannon that got a lot of attention a few weeks ago. That's really designed to be useful if you're using someone else's (or just a public) computer and don't trust it. However, the more interesting device is a new WiFi card from Seclarity that apparently runs Unix (no details are given, and the Seclarity site doesn't seem particularly forthcoming on this) and encrypts all data before it leaves the computer. While more details would be nice, this certainly looks like it could be a viable alternative to software based security options that are available now. If automatically encrypting WiFi cards became more popular, it would seriously cut down WiFi security problems.

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