RIAA Shows Zero Compassion For Single Mom Who Did Nothing Wrong

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Here's yet another story of someone who had no idea their internet connection was actually being used for file sharing, and the RIAA is bullying her to extort money from her she doesn't have. In this case, it's a single mom making $21,000/year who doesn't even know how to use a computer. However, her daughter shared some songs, and the industry is telling her she may owe them over half a million dollars. When she pointed out she doesn't have that kind of money they "graciously" offered to settle for a $4,000 payout. When she pointed out, again, that she didn't have that kind of money, the RIAA told her "go find a lawyer." When, once again, she pointed out she didn't have the money to talk to a lawyer, the RIAA said, more or less, "too bad." In this case, once again, the woman could make the perfectly reasonable argument that she broke no laws. Her daughter may have, but the industry can't prove that it was her or her mother, or someone entirely different. However, they have no problem bullying her into paying a lot of money she doesn't have.

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  1. identicon
    msykes, 27 May 2004 @ 9:00am

    Re: Child Porn

    Okay, anybody who tries to compare file sharing to child porn needs a serious wake up call. Get a grip.

    And, as Mike points out, there would be a big outcry. In fact it would be bigger, because getting blamed for using child porn when in fact you are innocent is a way bigger problem.


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