by Mike Masnick

Wrong Test Score SMS Leads To Student Suicide

Not the sort of story you want to hear, but apparently an Indian teenager committed suicide after getting an SMS saying she had failed her exam results. It still seems unclear if the error was at the end of the company sending the results, or if the girl keyed in the wrong information. Either way, providers are very quickly telling everyone to make sure they double check the information in the future to avoid such issues. This is an unfortunate story, but shows one of the dangers of instant information, and our natural willingness to accept any new bit of information as factual without double-checking. As information becomes ever more pervasive, people need to be reminded constantly that just because the information comes to you, it doesn't always mean that it's right. This is just one of many cultural issues people are going to need to get used to as wireless technologies become more widespread.

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    Merv Perry, 25 May 2004 @ 2:33pm

    Urban Legend Strikes again

    Sorry, I think this an urban legend that needs to be investigated. Show me the references, article and proper sources. Regards Merv Perry MBA MSIS MENG

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    Gagan Chadha(www.geocities.com/chadhag), 25 May 2004 @ 2:33pm

    Teenager commits suicide after recieving SMS

    Every technology has its own merits and demerits. However, one must always use the alternative medium to verify the results whenever in doubt. Immediate reaction in any case is harmful and may prove to be fatal at times. I must admit the real time technologies are here to stay but then we should always check the authenticity of any information that we recieve, when in doubt.

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