A Real Gas Station Fire Caused By A Mobile Phone?

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For years, we've been told that all those stories that get passed around by email forwards about exploding fuel pumps due to a ringing mobile phone are simply urban legends. However, now, the Associated Press is reporting a story that sounds remarkably like that urban legend. Has the urban legend become true or was a reporter taken in by a hoax? It appears the Poughkeepsie Journal has the original story, including some quotes from both the "victim" and the fire chief.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 15 May 2004 @ 5:15pm

    I thought MythBusters disproved that

    The MythBusters (Discovery Channel show) tried all sorts of tests, and found that (a) cell phones don't create sparks and (b) the fuel-air mixture is highly unlikely to be right to ignite.


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