Can TiVo Stay Ahead?

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The number of "can TiVo survive?" articles is getting ridiculous, but they keep on coming. The company whose name has become generic-ized to the entire PVR/DVR market hasn't been at the top of that market for a while, and all of the big deals with cable providers seem to be going elsewhere (Digeo, for example, seems to be doing quite well in signing up cable partners for their Moxi offering). Still, TiVo has always found a way to keep going (having lots of cash doesn't hurt), and one thing they've been able to do is stay ahead of the competition in terms of features. They're hoping to build on this feature lead while attempting to build up alternate channels and business models. For example, they're focusing on integrating their software with DVD players - which has proven popular with some (though, it's still a small market - and may run into trouble if everyone gets a DVR from their cable provider). However, their alternate business models may be more interesting. While they've taken some flak for storing data on how people use their TiVos, it's likely that data is quite valuable to marketing folks as a more modern, more accurate Nielsen ratings for early adopters. Meanwhile, their ongoing creative advertising ideas that are much more focused on producing non-intrusive advertising that people want to see, could turn into quite a business in itself.

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    Griffon, 12 May 2004 @ 11:49am


    I am hoping that Tivo will get off their bottom and start to innovate in ways that consumers want (picture/music integration, commercial skipping, file transfer to/from pc's etc) instead of their blatant pandering to whatever they think might score them points with networks. Dosn't help that 3 year old technology with a twist like the HD Tivo only has hardware innovation and no software updates. Also D*TV refuses to let Tivo patch of correct issues with sets they own and are tied to D*TV service intruding a obnoxious amount of lag to updates. Tivo may night survive purely because they want their bread buttered on all sides.
    Having to pay an additional guild fee to D*TV for boxes they services is also BS IMO. It's a shame Sonic Blue did not survive they clearly understood what consumers wanted. The harsh dtreament by the broadcasters clearly shows they where on the right track.

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