Say That Again

by Mike Masnick

Quentin Tarantino Admits That Film Copying Isn't Always So Bad

from the not-so-black-and-white dept

While the entertainment industry continues to stick by its hardline stance that any kind of copying or file sharing is bad and harms sales, they can't be thrilled that Quentin Tarantino stood up at an "anti-piracy conference" and told everyone that copying movies isn't all bad. In fact, he admits that he bought a bunch of bootleg movies that were hard to find in order to recreate certain scenes for his latest movie, Kill Bill. On top of that, he says he's happy that Kill Bill is being pirated in China since there's no other way for people to see it there. Just like in the music industry, it appears that those people who the RIAA and MPAA claim they're trying to "protect" realize the issue is a bit more complicated than the world is being told.

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