by Mike Masnick

Customer Support That Works From JetBlue

from the stunning dept

We've had so many stories about how awful customer or tech support centers are managed (with the goal of reducing call times, rather than solving customer problems) that I thought it's definitely about time that we had a story about a company that appears to understand how to do customer service right. JetBlue certainly has the reputation for being customer friendly - and my own experience with the airline supports that view (though, I still don't think they're quite as amazing as some people make them out to be). It's fairly well known that their customer support people get to work from home, but now Fast Company has a piece looking at how they manage to keep those work-from-home customer support people feeling like they're a part of the company while empowering them to actually (gasp!) be nice to customers while really solving any issues they might have. It's unfortunate these days that we actually have to single out one of the few company's that "gets it." This follows, by the way, an Inc. article (which appears to use identical templates as Fast Company) last month about how JetBlue's CEO frequently works as a flight attendant on JetBlue flights. He does this for a variety of reasons, including the chance to really speak to his customers, as well as to get to know (and inspire) the flight attendants who fly on his planes. Why can't more companies understand the value of their own customers?

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  1. identicon
    kareem, May 7th, 2004 @ 7:07am


    Customer service is looked as a cost, and quantifying the ROI on good customer service (or the loss on bad customer service) is not easy.

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  2. identicon
    Chomper, May 7th, 2004 @ 10:16am

    Re: because

    that's the problem with companies today, they try to measure everything by the bottom line, not realizing that they could make up for much of it by just treating their customers well. Great companies do well because they listen to their customers.

    I wonder how much more money and loyal customers could be had if companies took their heads out of their a$$'es...

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  3. identicon
    CG, May 7th, 2004 @ 2:36pm

    How quickly we forget...

    Remember when JetBlue released all the personal info on 5 Million of their passengers to Torch (in violation of their own privacy policy)?
    Friendly or not, that is unacceptable.

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