by Mike Masnick

Gadget Overload

from the make-it-stop dept

We've all heard stories about convergence when it comes to gadgets, but for many people, all we've experienced is the need for a larger and larger gadget bag (and a corresponding increase in chiropractor bills). Of course, even worse than the gadgets themselves, may be each of the different chargers needed to make sure the devices actually run. The question, though, is whether or not this is a temporary state where the possible future we all like to talk about just isn't here yet - or if we're really moving towards a world where more devices is the norm, rather than the other way around. Right now, though, the situation leads to somewhat comic (assuming you're not the person involved) situations like the following: "After downloading some massive high-res files from the digital camera to my laptop, I needed to send them to my coworker's laptop. Of course, I didn't have a wireless local-area network (WLAN) card for that old IBM. Neither laptop had a disk drive. The PC didn't recognize a USB stick. There was no high-speed access at my funky hotel in downtown San Francisco, nor could I log the laptop into the LAN in the convention center's pressroom. And, the pressroom's dial-up connection took so long, the laptop's batteries died, the adapter being back at the hotel room."

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    thecaptain, 27 Apr 2004 @ 12:30pm

    No Subject Given

    With summer coming, I've just run into that...oh man...never thought that would happen.

    1st came the pager...for my job, clips on the belt, that's not so bad...

    2nd was my laptop, for myself, but I also use it at work, it goes everywhere I do and I love it.

    Next came the cellphone, which I avoided like the plague for years...but we got a good deal when my fiancee got one and we call each other for free (yet, I can't get replace the pager with it..so I must lug both).

    Last but not least, was the new Palm Tungsten E I got, which is just too damn fun and convenient to leave behind, yet isn't enough for me to leave my laptop behind....

    While it was winter, this was ok, big coat, many pockets...but summer's coming and I don't have a batman utility belt handy...

    Guess I need a bigger bag...(some might say less gadgets but to each his own)

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