by Mike Masnick

People Want Full Internet Access In The Air

from the well,-duh... dept

Last year, we chided most US airlines for taking the cheap way out and signing up with Tenzing instead of Connexion for their in-flight internet access. Tenzing offers very limited internet access via the old Airfones that no one ever used. The pricing is pretty high (though, they've adjusted some of their plans), and the access is very limiting. Sure, the airlines didn't have to upgrade their equipment, but the appeal to end users (especially for the price) wasn't very strong. Meanwhile, Connexion requires airlines to install expensive new equipment - but provides full internet access for users on the plane. The pricing (just announced) isn't all that different from Tenzing's extremely limited offering - but Connexion is (mostly) flat rate, while Tenzing nickle and dimes you for each email. Now, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that, not surprisingly, the Tenzing JetConnect offering isn't getting that much use, and passengers, when asked, say they're really only interested in full internet access. So, now, the airlines need to figure out if they really believe that desire is strong enough to make up the initial expense to retrofit their planes.

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